It’s always interesting to see what is going on in other regions of the country. South Florida was hit the hardest from all the excess investing in 2006. A colleague friend of mine has good news coming from ...Read More

People don't often realize how important a loan officer is when purchasing a home. Buying real estate in the Bay Area is a complex process because of the wide range of transactions we encounter. No matter the transaction whether you require ...Read More

Karen Weise from Bloomberg Businessweek has written a terrific article on some of the issues still occurring in the short-sale process. She writes about a family who had to fight Wells Fargo in order to sell their mother's home. While ...Read More

Homebuyers must be vigilant when purchasing a home whether they are examining disclosures, researching crime in the neighborhood, or scoping out a potential bad neighbor. What happens when the trouble you're looking for can't be seen? Here in Earthquake Country ...Read More

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