Buying A Home: When To Know The Time Is Right Now that the real estate market has made a turnaround more and more people are considering making the leap to home ownership for the first time. This can be both an exciting ...Read More

It’s always interesting to see what is going on in other regions of the country. South Florida was hit the hardest from all the excess investing in 2006. A colleague friend of mine has good news coming from Florida. If ...Read More

People don't often realize how important a loan officer is when purchasing a home. Buying real estate in the Bay Area is a complex process because of the wide range of transactions we encounter. No matter the transaction whether you require ...Read More

Karen Weise from Bloomberg Businessweek has written a terrific article on some of the issues still occurring in the short-sale process. She writes about a family who had to fight Wells Fargo in order to sell their mother's home. While ...Read More

Homebuyers must be vigilant when purchasing a home whether they are examining disclosures, researching crime in the neighborhood, or scoping out a potential bad neighbor. What happens when the trouble you're looking for can't be seen? Here in Earthquake Country ...Read More

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Information on Bay Area Real Estate and other relevant and not so relevant news. Read More

If you owned a single family home in Albany California during the subprime mortgage crisis you were fortunate enough to have been somewhat insulated from the freefall in home prices that occurred around the nation. Albany home values peaked in 2005 ...Read More

By Erik Braunitzer and courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate Company, agents for NYC Rentals. Edited by Devin Ratoosh The latest news reports that interest rates on mortgages are finally falling back. Rates on 30-year and 15-year mortgages show a declining ...Read More

Searching for a new home is a daunting task. Aside from filtering through disclosures and repairs, and finding the right deal you need to research the neighborhood to which you will soon belong. Below are several tools to help you get ...Read More

664 61st Street - Oakland Real Estate

[gallery] Turn-of-the-Century bungalow with charming leaded-glass windows, refinished hardwood floors, and a big kitchen. Four bedrooms, one and a half baths. Nice sunny yard and a 2-car garage. Convenient location near Asmarina Cafe and the Berkeley Bowl, plus lots more! ...Read More

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